I am a mom, I get it.

Becoming a mother changed my perspective on life. I felt a level of responsibility I had never felt before. When I was expecting my daughter, I started reading ingredient labels more carefully and researching what each of the hard to pronounce ingredients meant. I was in for a surprise.

We are surrounded by food that is simply not good for us. Cheap, poor and artificial ingredients set up the human body for failure and there was no way I was exposing my child to that!  

As my daughter grew, I realized that shopping for healthy, organic food not only requires a lot of research but can also be expensive and time consuming! Hence, I started Snackosaurus. 

My goal is to make it easier for parents to feed their children healthier food and I want it to be fun. I am a working parent. I get it. I get how laborious it can be to encourage a child to eat well and learn healthy habits. 

Snackosaurus Snack Box will include clean and healthy snacks with the objective to support as many local brands as possible. And, by including a fun post card addressed to your child every month, I want to make the experience informative and fun for your little snack monster!

I am excited to start this journey and change some habits along the way! Let me do the snack research and make your lives a little easier by delivering nutritious snacks to your door, addressed to your child!



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